Ruling on a class feature.

Quick question... probably doesn't need to be posted here, but what the heck. 

A player will begin playing a swashbuckler on a campaign soon, and the player will use a shiruken as his ranged weapon. One class feature, "Insightful Strike" allows the swashbuckler to add his/her INT bonus to damage rolls "with any light weapon, as well as any other weapon that can be used with weapon finesse such as a rapier, whip, or spiked chain."
A question that was brought up was whether or not Insightful Strike would apply to the shirukens. I think it's a valid question, and the class ability really doesn't mention its application to ranged weapons. Considering the shirukens are light, one would think they apply... but I wanted to hear everyone else's thoughts.


10' step

There is an item in the Arms and Equipment guide called the Training Dummy of the Master. Using it, a monk can increase his standard 5' step to 10'. Evidently, any character able to roll a successful Use Magic Device can activate this item and achieve the same result.

What are your thoughts about this? Would it bother you? It bothers me. I am tempted to veto it's use (it is from 3.0 and we play 3.5, but I usually allow 3.0 info), as what happens if the party gets their hands on it? I do not have this book, but the implications of an entire party being able to make a "10' step" before making a full attack, for instance, without provoking an AoO or anything make me uncomfortable. If it does bother you, how would you keep it from getting out of control? Personally, I prefer not to drop a "DM Edict" on things like this, but instead make them harder to achieve. Or even nearly impossible and thus not worth the cost.
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Poll on non-mainstream hobbies

For my journalism class, I'm conducting a small survey on non-mainstream hobbies with two friends of mine. We're targeting D&D gamers amongst other hobby groups.

If you have some time, it'd be great if you could fill out the survey. It consists of 17 questions and can be found here.

I hope this post is not off-topic; if it is, feel free to delete, of course.

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'Allo 'allo.

My group of 5 8th-9th level PCs is planning on infiltrating/investigating an opposing-military's fortification. If they're smart (not always the case) the group will have the opportunity to study things like troop patrol times and strengths, etc.etc. They aren't in an immediate rush, though they know they don't have days to spend willy-nilly either.

What's general opinion on abandoning event-based CR-specific encounters and instead just knowing what the base is like, its schedules and occupants, and letting the group run into them as the circumstances permit? I'd like them to have a decent to middlin' chance of getting captured if they're spectacularly dumb this time around. But I'm worried they'll cake-walk through the place. Is it okay to have those CR-specific encounters set aside just in case?

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Needing Help

I am looking for a good/free map maker. Or the old 2nd edition pc/map maker. I cannot remember the name of it. Thanks for all your help.

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**What I am looking for is the Core Rules 2.0 or 2.5 that i can download**
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Sea Battles

In the time-honored tradition of derailing GM preparations, my group has decided to pursue neither of the land-based courses presented to them and instead opted to hire a sailing vessel to cut several days from their trip.

Any advice on running sea battles?

specifics hereCollapse )

Any advice on overall game mastering strategies for arbiting such would be appreciated.
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Okay, so I am running a mystery campaign. The problem is that I have trouble really coming up with mysteries - namely that the devil is in the details and I for some reason am just hitting a brick wall in a lot of cases.

One of the usual stripes of a mystery story is The Locked Room; the body turns up in a room that's sealed in some fashion. I would like to do this, so here's the setup:

A vault in a bank has not been opened in a Very Long Time. There's an anti-magic field on the vault to prevent magical-based thefts. When it was last closed, there was no body in it, but when it was opened again, there's a corpse in there.

The question is, how did it go down?

As a side note, anyone have any general mystery suggestions/plots they've done?