EmmahSue (es) wrote in dungeonmasters,

With the advent of 4E, I'm looking at finding a way to differentiate figures on the board; there will be far more bad-guy-bodies than ever before. Rather than a player saying, "I attack the orc. Yes, that... no, that one there, the one on the left, and around the corner," I'd like something quicker and less aggravating for everyone involved.

Ideas so far include:

Chosing a direction (the table edge facing the kitchen) and labeling squares around some central point as nos. 1-8, much like you roll a d8 to determine which direction something falls on a square battle-mat. This would require having a central point, whether it be a PC-fig or a drawn object on the board.

Labeling the grid A B C D etc. along the top, and 1 2 3 4 etc. along the side, so that someone can say: "Orc at C3". The problem with this is that our board is made up of tac-tiles, which are modular puzzle pieces - the edges aren't all straight and the tiles are often shuffled around as the combat moves.

Do either of these ideas have pros/cons that you can see? Do you have any other suggestions we can consider?



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