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Necromancer and Druid Spells

For the last 6-7 years I have played Dungeons and Dragons with my cousins. The cool part about the system is we basically have a lot more freedom to play your character and we use a percentile rolling system. We do not go by the usual rules of the current D&D system. Well we never really played a lot of magic users over the time we have been playing. So recently me and a friend who plays with us decided to start revamping the magic system. So we started with Wizards. We've completed them and it turned around really well. We never really had a healer class because our DM didn't think it be necessary for some reason. After 4 years of begging she finally decided to give it a shot. We gave her an outline of the character and how it would be played and its almost flawless. We ran into a problem...we have no spells. So what I would like is for people to give me a few ideas. I am looking for mostly Druid spells but if anyone has a good original Necro spells that would be super.

So heres how we need it. We go to level 20 with our character. I am gonna want 5 spells for each level. Thats about it. And if possible think about how powerful the spells would be at each level. You know like...minor heal would be at level 1 or something.

I am looking forward to your replies. Thanks

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