waywalker (waywalker) wrote in dungeonmasters,

10' step

There is an item in the Arms and Equipment guide called the Training Dummy of the Master. Using it, a monk can increase his standard 5' step to 10'. Evidently, any character able to roll a successful Use Magic Device can activate this item and achieve the same result.

What are your thoughts about this? Would it bother you? It bothers me. I am tempted to veto it's use (it is from 3.0 and we play 3.5, but I usually allow 3.0 info), as what happens if the party gets their hands on it? I do not have this book, but the implications of an entire party being able to make a "10' step" before making a full attack, for instance, without provoking an AoO or anything make me uncomfortable. If it does bother you, how would you keep it from getting out of control? Personally, I prefer not to drop a "DM Edict" on things like this, but instead make them harder to achieve. Or even nearly impossible and thus not worth the cost.
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